I guess I’ve always loved data.

Oh, I’m not the guy that can recite some baseball player’s RBI Percentage from the 1975 season. (Those people fascinate me though).

No, I just enjoy looking at data and seeing if I can find useful information that can help my clients improve the performance of their website, or their PPC Campaign.

Analytics gives a web marketing team access to this kind of information about their website visitors. It’s pretty fantastic really. You can see what town your visitors are from, how long they stayed on the site, if they hit a certain page (like “Contact Us”), and even see what pages cause people to leave the site. Armed with this, it’s possible to improve the effectiveness of your website.

I like to say: it’s easier to convert more of your current visitors into sales than to find new visitors.

Because I’ve used it for so long, and because it’s free, I use Google Analytics. But before you run out and install it, let me give you one important tip. For each website, I recommend you create a unique email address (like a gmail.com email account). This account will be your log in. It allows you to easily hand over the reins of the account to someone else, and keeps any other website’s details private.

Also, if you plan to drive traffic to your site using Google Adwords, you’ll be able to use that same unique account to set up the Adwords campaign. This way, you can tie the two together and analyze the paid traffic as well.

As always, I’m happy to help you by phone or in person. Just click on the “About” tab, and drop me a line.

-Andy Commons


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