A great post on Link Building

In all my years of doing SEO, I’ve seen link building articles come and go.
And while this one may someday be dated as well, I’m very impressed with the ideas here. Most of them are the kind that will stand the test of time.

I’m often telling my clients how important link building is to their rankings.

Yes, it’s lots of work. It would fall under the “work on your business, not in your business” list.


As for me, I think my favorites are:
– Blogging with keyword rich links to other pages of your site.
– Research the links of your competitors and see if you can get them for your site too
– Get listed in Business Directories (I tend to favor Best of the web)
– Fixing broken links on your site. (just good to do anyway)

So, give this a read, and let me know if you can find one or two that you’ll take on in the  next week. Just leave it in a comment here on this post.

Oh, and to walk the talk, here’s a link to my Missoula SEO page. :-)